Lost to the world for 50 years, the actual building where the Presley family attended church services has been moved to the Elvis Presley Birthplace Park for visitors to see and enjoy.

Here, Elvis was first exposed to the rich, Southern gospel that became a staple of his musical repertoire.

According to Assembly of God minister Brother Frank Smith, Elvis was fascinated with music and the prospect of learning to play the guitar. Brother Frank taught Elvis how to make D, A, and E chords … all he needed to play “Ole Shep.”

Today, visitors can experience the Assembly of God Pentecostal services of the 1940s through a multi-media presentation. The plain, humble, wood-framed structure will significantly contrast with the lively and intense nature of the sermons and the music. Guests will experience the preacher walking about, the choir filled with the spirit, and the congregation swaying to the rhythm of inspiring praises. It is here that Elvis sings his first gospel song – “Jesus Loves Me.” Elvis never realized his dream of becoming a member of the Statesmen or the Blackwood Brothers gospel quartets, yet throughout the rest of his life, Elvis recorded many of the beloved songs of his youth, the emotional and uplifting music of his church.

In relocating the church, the elevation was raised so the church would be the prominent venue on the front property. The “spirituality” created within the four walls would flow by landscape design throughout the property to the Birthplace.

The pulpit is the original pulpit from the First Assembly of God Church which donated it to the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the Presley family in the loss of Lisa Marie. Our thoughts, prayers, and hearts are with you. RIP Lisa Marie.